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Friday 10th January

Annual General Meeting & Presentation of Awards

Challenge Cup – A Hollow Form

Premier Cup – Any Item with a Metal


Friday 7th February

Greenwood Skills from our very own - Mike Taylor with Spoon Carving, Gypsy Flowers and Pole Turning

Novice Cup - Any Item you turned in 2019

Friday 6th March

Demonstrator - Chris Parker - Texturing and Colouring. Chris is new to the Club and hails from Lancashire

Challenge Cup - An Advanced Spoon, Scoop or Kitchen Utensil

Friday 3th April

Demonstrator - Dawn Hopley - Mini Router techniques. Simple Lettering and Drawing with Mini Drill/Dremel.

Novice Cup - A Small Platter with Texturing and/or Colouring

Friday 1st May

Demonstrator - Keith Fenton - Bottle Cutting and Candle Holders.

Challenge Cup - A Platter with Lettering or Carving

Friday 5th June

Demonstrator - Paul Hannaby - Natural Edged Bowls and Turning Thin Walls. Paul last visited MSWA in 2011.

Novice Cup - A Candle Holder

Friday 3rd July

Demonstrator - David Atkinson - not to be confused with Dave Atkinson...although they are very good friends! Leaf Bowls and other items.

Challenge Cup - A Natural Edged Bowl

Friday 7th August

Demonstrator - Dawn Hopley - Talk and/or Video. Turned Toys and Puzzles.

Novice Cup - A Simple Bowl with a Leaf Design. Colouring, Carving, Pyrography or whatever.

Friday 4th September

Demonstrator - Dave Knowles - A talk about the outdoor centre at Hilton near Essington, followed by a demo on Basket Making using natural materials harvested from hedgerows.

Challenge Cup - A Wooden Toy for Children or Adults

Friday 2nd October

Demonstrator - Robert Till - Something new from Rob... A Split Vessel, with Carving and Inlay if time permits.

Novice Cup - A Perfect Pear or Apple

Friday 6th November

Demonstrator - Dawn Hopley - Christmas Trees Galore!

Challenge Cup - Cut and Shut!!. A Split Vessel

Friday 4th December

Demonstrator - Dave Atkinson - Back by popular demand! The other Dave Atikinson with a Little Illumination!

Novice Cup – A Christmas Tree


Friday 8th January

Annual General Meeting & Presentation of Awards

Challenge Cup – Decorative Lighting using battery LED's


Premier Cup – A Round Picture Frame or Mirror

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